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We develop/support all Organization/Individual with software solution more efficient and effective for you/your organization.

If you are not sure which software platform is ideal for you we can always help you out to select the best solution for you

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Open Source CRM

What is Open Source?

Normally software are created just for an organization where the source code belongs only for that organization But open source software source code are available in public given by good generous people where there are many open source but we in ARTECH will be using CiviCRM.

What is CiviCRM?

CiviCRM is a constituent relationship management software which in called as CRM.

Who can use CiviCRM?

Non Profitable organizations are the main user of CRM

We do customized Web Design, Development and ERP System Softwares

AR Tech Provides customized Web Design, Web Development and ERP System software for inventory management and production planning.

Provides full range of services to sites and products development.

Supporting full product based system which provides end-to-end business solution that leverage technology. We provide solution for a dynamic technology where business and technology strategies.

Our web site will be based on:

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • XML


Mobile App for your CRM Needs

Who do need Mobile App?

Anyone who has an existing business and thinking of improving your customers then you are in the right place. As you know now a days mobile app are mandate for every business


How can we help you?


  • If you don't have a existing system in place then we can create a online application along with mobile app in the same time.
  • If you have a system already but it is not online even then we can create a online application for you along with mobile app.


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Mobile App

Mobile App for your organisation and members.

Tailored for your needs and optimised for excellent performance.

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